House rules offers an interactive advertising portal and considers respectful communication, the atmosphere on the website and its visitors' safety extremely important. This is why has drawn up house rules, which every user must adhere to. These house rules can be read below. You only get access to the interactive functions of the website if you have agreed to these house rules and our General Terms and Conditions.

The website

The website includes various domains. These house rules apply to all websites. is an interactive portal which means that visitors to the website can add and / or change parts of the content in the form of advertisements. strictly monitors the activities of the visitors and users but can not guarantee that all information submitted is correct or meets the general standards and values that apply in society. By using this website you indemnify from liability in terms of the content of the website.

The Administrator

All websites are managed by the owner of the legal entity, Peter Slinger and / or by the appointed moderators, hereinafter jointly referred to as: the administrator. The administrator reserves the right to deny visitors the right to log in, place advertisements, upload photos and / or other interactive features of the website, if they consistently misbehave in the opinion of the administrator. The administrator can also adjust or delete advertisements and messages at any time, wherever this is deemed necessary in order to guarantee respectful communication.

User account

To use the interactive features of, you need to sign up to open a user account. For this you have to be in possession of a valid e-mail address. This e-mail address is used to activate your account. The administrator can also use this e-mail address to contact you. It is therefore a condition to be registered with an active e-mail address. If your e-mail address changes, you must notify the change to or change your e-mail address to your account settings. If desired, this can also be e-mailed to

Users Duties

The user will observe the general norms and values that apply in society and the legal rules. This means that no sexist, pornographic, racist and discriminatory contributions are submitted or statements that are abusive, defamatory or offensive. Furthermore, the user must follow the instructions of the moderators. Failure to follow an instruction is seen as provocation by the moderators and the user is denied access to the website.

Copyright, own content and photos

The user guarantees that the image, video, text and photo material placed by him / her on the website of does not infringe the copyright and / or other rights of third parties or is otherwise unlawful toward third parties. The user indemnifies in claims from third parties. reserves the right - unless otherwise agreed with the author - to adjust material and possibly reuse it. This applies to both text and image material. A visitor of may not publish or reproduce copyright protected works or other information stored in without permission from (not even through its own network)

What is not allowed on

a. Placing messages that are in violation of the law. It is not permitted to publish material that is deliberately incorrect and / or inaccurate and / or offensive and / or vulgar and / or incited to hatred and / or obscene and / or offensive about a group of people because of their race, religion or belief or their heterosexual / homosexual nature and / or threatening / or otherwise contrary to the law or someone else's honor and / or good name.

b. Placing text and image material of third parties with copyright. This is only allowed if permission has been given by the author.

c. Placing (or linking to) pornographic and / or offensive (visual) material. Users are not allowed to place (Soft) porn or photos with a clearly erotic atmosphere on Messages and photos that are too violent will be removed.

d. Spam is in no way permitted on, posting reviews, events or photos etc. in which advertisements or links / urls occur will be removed immediately, unless they make a positive contribution to the website. This immediately results in a permanent ban. The user does not receive an email about this.

e. The use of anonymous proxy servers, so-called anonymizers or open proxies to disguise their own IP-cores. Violation of this rule results in a permanent blocking of the account, without warning.

f. The placing of personal data and private material, such as name and address data, e-mails and other information that is in principle not intended for third parties. Placing your own e-mail address is for your own responsibility.

Seen something that is inappropriate?

If you have seen something you think is inappropriate, please report this by sending an e-mail to will then take appropriate action. Negative reviews will not be removed if they are based on an experience of the poster.

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