Advertising for businesses

Do you have more vehicles, vessels or machines? Are you a dealer, importer, trader or do you expect to offer something for sale more often through our portal? Then you can enjoy a number of attractive subscriptions.

Easy advertising

With a subscription you can have a fixed number of advertisements online.
No matter how many times you add, pause or delete an ad, the number of ads that you have online at the same time counts. You can change your offer as often as you wish and publish all ads directly to the maximum of your subscription.

BRONZE: 10 advertisements online for 80 euros ex VAT per month (so 8 euros ex VAT per ad)
SILVER: 25 advertisements online for 175 euros ex VAT per month (so 7 euros ex VAT per ad)
GOLD: 100 advertisements online for 500 euros ex VAT per month (so 5 euros ex VAT per ad)
PLATINUM: 250 advertisements online for 1000 euros ex VAT per month (so 4 euros ex VAT per ad)
For placing more than 250 advertisements, please contact Mr. Peter Slinger.

Advertise with banner or logo for making your company visible online and internationally.
For professional business advertisers there is also the possibility to advertise by placing your logo or a banner on the site. There is a possibility to place the banners at a fixed, pre-discussed place, optionally arranged according to (for example) the type and make of your vehicle.


If you have any questions or would like to receive information about the possibilities of business advertising without any obligation, please contact us.

For businesses

Do you want to advertise for business?

Ask your software supplier about the possibilities.


Advertising on is temporarily free! Place your advertisement for 4 weeks at no cost.


Wanted: Occasion Management Software (World Wide) suppliers for a collaboration with

Complete offer

At you will find the most complete range of everything that has a steering wheel and wheels. Of course you can advertise cars and motorbikes, but also trucks, machines, tractors, boats, caravans, campers, planes and helicopters.

For businesses

Would you like to be able to place larger numbers of advertisements and simply receive a monthly invoice? This is possible from € 80 excl. VAT per month for 10 advertisements. Want more information? contact us.

Place an advert

You can easily place an ad on This costs only € 10.00 per 4 weeks. First create a user account if you do not already have one.