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Alfa Romeo Truck classified ads

Alfa Romeo are often considered to be one of the most beautiful cars ever made. The trio The Grand Tour, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May constantly praise the Alfa Romeo for their beauty and driving characteristics. While the old adage is "beauty is in the eyes of the viewer", this applies to most things, and yet Alfa Romeo could transcend taste.

But what if the Italian car manufacturer decides to make trucks with trailers? Fortunately, Taekang Lee made a representation to satisfy our imagination. Lee has succeeded in incorporating Alfa Romeo design language into the semi, with the unique Scudetto grille shape on the front that aligns the cab. Sultry curves that flow from the grille to the cab is a nod to the styling of the Italian brand, along with the sharp but attractive daytime running lights that mark the front.
We can safely say that this is indeed a nice truck and I am pretty sure you agree.

Of course it will be red; we couldn't think of another color that would be suitable for an Alfa Romeo semi except for red.
With this color scheme, Coca-Cola would really be able to use these Italian trucks if this design ever achieved production.
Data source: / BEHANCE.NET

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Alfa Romeo Truck classified ads
Alfa Romeo Truck classified ads
Alfa Romeo Truck classified ads

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